Tolt Hive is a volunteer-led coworking community in the beautiful Snoqualmie Valley. We are building a community of diverse professionals who seek out and create opportunities for connection, collaboration, and inspiration in support of our work. Our members include writers, consultants, accountants, researchers, graphic designers, nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, and more!

How does Tolt Hive create opportunities for connection, collaboration, and inspiration?

  • Pop-up coworking. We host coworking events for folks to come together and work in a shared space. We each work separately on our own projects, yet welcome opportunities to bounce ideas off each other, build camaraderie, and stimulate learning.

  • Social, Educational, and Enrichment Events. Our members create events and activities for other Tolt Hive members and the broader community to connect, learn, and grow together. Some of our events include happy hours, skill-building workshops, presentations/talks, and even a weekly walking group.  

  • Online Community. We are building a vibrant online community to serve as a place for our members to share resources, information and connect with each other. Participation is not limited by geography, so all who are interested in being a part of a supportive and inspiring community of professionals are welcome to join

Why does all of this matter?

Working from home can be wonderful, but it can also be an isolating experience - the freedom and flexibility is great until you suddenly realize it's been three days since you saw another human being and showers have become optional. You realize you are not having the conversations you need to keep you energized and excited about your work. At other times, it can be difficult to find motivation to stay focused on your work when there are dirty dishes in the sink, laundry to be done, or children who need your attention. Tolt Hive creates space for you to reduce isolation, be productive, and learn with others.



"Bee" a part of our inspired community. Membership offers access to coworking, social events, and our thriving online community. As of December 2016, being a member is free! Send us a message at to join today!



Jody Miesel

Jody Miesel, Founder and "Queen Bee"

As Tolt Hive's "Queen Bee," Jody provides leadership for the community, planning and coordinating the majority of Tolt Hive's events and activities. She also supports small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations with needs assessments, program planning, project management, and evaluation. She loves getting new programs off the ground and is particularly passionate about working with organizations that help people lead healthier lives. When not working, you can often find Jody exploring the trails around Carnation, cooking up a meal with friends, or volunteering with the local alumni chapter for her alma mater, St. Olaf College. Learn more at

Jenn Dean

Jenn Dean

Jenn Dean is a writer with two decades of fundraising experience. While currently working as a nonprofit grantwriting consultant and strategist, she also holds an MFA in nonfiction. A portion of her book-in-progress was published in Salamander, and her interview with the writer Jane Brox appeared in The Writer’s Chronicle. Awarded a Millay Colony residency, she’s been a featured artist in SoundFalls, an evening of music and stories, in Carnation, WA, and a finalist for the Lamar York Non-Fiction prize. An avid birder and naturalist, her essay, The Keepers of the Ghost Bird, will be forthcoming as an e-book by the Massachusetts Review, and anthologized in Trailhead, Literature for the Backcountry. It was a 2016 finalist in the New Millenium Writings Literary Awards. Her essay After Pilgrim will be forthcoming in Wildness, an online journal. Her website address is

Amara Oden

Amara Oden

Amara Oden’s two decades of nonprofit work has included licking envelopes to filling out a charter as founding president to sweating an annual budget as ED. Currently she serves the mission-driven sector through her consulting practice which strengthens boards and raises funds through teaching, coaching, and consulting. She loves kitchen dancing with her kids, sinking her knife into a new recipe, and never turns down chocolate. Catch up with her @amaraoden or